I love the Linked Hybrid designed by Steven Holl. It’s essentially a city within a city. There weren’t very many people (and it’s so ironic and really unfortunate) because it’s like heavy security…not just anyone can get into the area. It was meant to be an open urban environment in which people can come in and go to the theater and retail shops or sit by the central pond. Ehh…guess not right now. But each bridge connecting the towers holds its own program from auditorium to a gym and even ideal spots for fireworks viewing. Most of the Linked Hybrid is still under construction so we couldn’t really explore inside a tower. Bummer. And it was a little disappointing to hear the tour guide say that there wasn’t really a design strategy or system for the colors on the towers. I’ll have to research if that’s really true. But nevertheless, it was nice just sitting in one of those elevated oval pods above the pond and sketching…taking it all in haha.

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